What is the MyFreezer app

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Be informed, what is in your freezer, what you can use, what food expiers in the near future.

mobile scanner

Use your phone for professional storage of items in your freezer with QR tags.

cloud storage possibility

Get the list of items from multiple freezers by multiple devices. Item lists stored in the cloud.

personal settings

Go pro and tag all your stored items fit personal descriptions and settings. Personalize the app.

be ahead

Do not miss a due date with MyFreazer


Let the app take care of counting.

be informed

Get informed about items and recepies possibilities.

cloud storage

Multiple user with multiple devices.

item tracking

Storage date and expiery date changable.


Gor MyFreezer PRO!


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and more...

The app

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Download the QR Codes

You can download a PDF with the QR codes for MyFreezer APP,
or generate them with online QR code generators.
There is a List of 20 free codes for the MyFreezer APP.

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